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Getting Help

If you’re tired of constantly falling into pornography use, and are ready to get help, click here!

About Integrity Starts Here

If you, or someone you love, are struggling with pornography use, this site is for you.  Integrity Restored was designed to help men and women, their spouses, and their families break free from the bonds of pornography.  

Here you will find clear information on pornography use and addiction, as well as pornography’s effects on people’s lives.   Moreover, you will find out how to get help!  Thousands of men and women are struggling with pornography use and addiction.  It’s hurting their marriages, families, and careers.  They are enslaved by it and want to break free.  The good news is that freedom is possible.  This site will show you the way!

Wives and husbands are deeply hurt when they discover their spouse’s pornography addiction.   This site will help them gain a clearer understand the addiction and the help needed for their spouses, their marriages, and for them selves.  Even marriages that seem broken beyond repair can be healed.  There is hope for a new beginning and a better marriage.

God is needed in any recovery program.  Ask anyone who has been successful in recovery and they will tell you they couldn’t have done it without Him.  God will be your partner every step of the way providing the grace needed to break free from pornography and to heal relationships.  Virtue is also necessary for recovery.  Growth in virtues such as humility, courage, honesty, patience, fortitude and chastity are needed.  This site will show you how.

Explore all the pages on this site to learn about the dangers of pornography and its addiction.  Check out all the resources, and seek the help needed for you or your loved one.  No one has to live a life enslaved by pornography.  Now is the time to seek freedom!