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Getting Help

If you’re tired of constantly falling into pornography use, and are ready to get help, click here!


Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography
Pornography is no longer just a men's issue. Dr. Peter Kleponis presents an alarming in-depth look at the pornography epidemic that is ruining lives, marriages, families, and careers and hindering life-giving relationships with God. Read the stories of real people men, women, clergy, seminarians, and teens who've suffered from addictions to pornography and went on to find healing. Freedom is possible. Integrity can be restored.
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Integrity Starts Here! a Catholic Approach to Restoring Sexual Integrity
Pornography addiction is an epidemic worldwide. Millions of people are affected by it. While there have been numerous secular and Protestant programs for recovery, until now none have existed for Catholics. In this workbook, Dr. Peter Kleponis presents his Integrity Starts Here program. This proven recovery program for pornography addiction is the first one to combine modern psychology with Catholic spirituality. With this workbook, Catholic readers will embark on the journey of creating their own customized recovery program that incorporates their Catholic faith in God, which can lead to lasting sobriety, healing, growth and change.
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