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Getting Help

If you’re tired of constantly falling into pornography use, and are ready to get help, click here!


Welcome to Integrity Starts Here.  If you’ve come to this website, you may be struggling with pornography use, or you may know of someone who is.  If this is so, read on!

Thousands of men are struggling with pornography addiction.  It’s destroying their marriages, families and careers.  But there is hope!  Here, you will find straightforward information on the dangers of pornography and pornography addiction.  Most of all, you will find information on how to break free from pornography use!  God has called men to be the leaders, providers and protectors of our families, communities, parishes and society.   They cannot achieve this if they are enslaved to pornography.  Now is the time to break free.  Victory is possible.  Check out the rest of this website to learn how.

If you or someone you love is struggling with pornography use, please contact me at 610-397-0960 for help.  I work with individuals in-person, by phone and by Skype.  Don't wait.  Your healing process can begin today!