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Women Addicted to Pornography


While my work focuses mainly on pornography addiction in men, we must address the addiction in women.  More women are getting trapped in this addiction.  One third of all visitors to pornographic websites are women.  About 17% of all pornography addicts are women, and the numbers are growing.  To understand this addiction in women, it’s important to realize how men and women are wired differently.  Although more women are viewing online pornography like men, most are not aroused by it.  This is because women are not as visually stimulated as men.  Women are more relationally stimulated.  This is why women enjoy romance novels, soap operas and “chick flicks.”  In most families, it’s the women who remember the birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  They are also the ones who often plan family holidays and vacations.  They are more interested in relationships.

When people think about pornography, they often think of visual images.  However, images can also be created with words.  Because of their attraction to relationships, many women are becoming addicted to online chat rooms.  In these chat rooms, a woman can be anyone she wants to be, and she can get into very sexual chats with men.  She and her chat partner are creating extremely vivid sexual fantasies with words.  In essence, she is writing her own romance novel and she is the heroin.  This can be very addictive for a woman, especially if she is extremely lonely and/or dealing with deep emotional wounds. 

Just like most addictions where a tolerance develops, for some women words on a screen are soon not satisfying enough.  At this point, a teenage girl might engage in sexting where she emails pornographic photos and text to boys using her phone.  A woman might also use a webcam where her chat partner can now see her.  She can now participate in webcam sex.  This addiction can also be extremely physically dangerous for women.  Studies have shown that women are much more willing to physically meet the men they have encountered online.  It’s a fact that many people lie when they are online, especially in chat rooms.  Thus, while a woman may think she is having a romantic rendezvous at a local hotel, she might really be meeting a serial rapist or killer.  Although more men are addicted to pornography, this addiction is far more dangerous for women.

Women need to be aware of the dangers of pornography.  It's no longer just a "men's issue."  Pornographers want to get as many women addicted as possible.  Be sure to protect yourself so that you don't fall into the porn trap!  if you are struggling, please call my office.  Help is available!