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The Church and Pornography


            The church speaks very clearly about pornography because of how it affects one’s relationship with God.  Any use of pornography is a mortal sin.  God’s main goal is communion with His creation.  This means having an intimate relationship with each one of us.  He loves us so much that He created us in His image.  However, viewing pornography defiles that image.  In The Theology of the Body, Pope John Paul II wrote that the opposite of love is “use.”  Thus when a man views pornography, he is really using someone else for his own sexual pleasure.  There is no love, intimacy, relationship or respect.  He may not even be aware that she is a real person.  All he knows is that she is there for his sexual pleasure and he is going to use her.

            God created sex to be a holy celebration of the love between a husband and his wife that reflects the love of the trinity.  Pornography defiles this love by reducing sex to nothing more than a recreational activity.  God created people to be loved, honored and cherished, not to be used. 

            Along with those who view pornography, the pornography industry has used women and defiled the holiness of sex.  The industry has portrayed its “stars” as modern, liberated women who are choosing to use their bodies as they see fit.  However, they are really exploiting weak and vulnerable women, who are deeply wounded, solely for the huge profits they can gain.  These wounded women are beloved children of God and should be helped, not exploited. 

            Men who use and/or produce pornography need to realize the purpose for which God has made them.  Men are called to be leaders, providers and protectors of their families, communities, parishes and society.  Any involvement with pornography will prevent a man from ever achieving his God-given purpose.  Moreover, it damages a man’s relationship with God and can jeopardize his hope for eternal life.